IJLST 2016 Volume 9 Issue 3

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Erythrocyte Membrane and Hemolysis: Effects of Natural Products. Sebastião David Santos-Filho. IJLST (2016), 9(3):28-35


Erythrocyte Membrane and Hemolysis: Effects of Natural Products

Authors & Affiliation:

Sebastião David Santos-Filho

Professor, Ph.D., Centro Universitário do Facex, Unifacex, Natal, RN, Brasil;

Professor, Ph.D., visitor of the Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, UERJ, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil,



The membrane bilayer and the network of membrane-associated proteins together regulate the characteristic shape and elastic properties of red blood cells (RBC). Hemolysis is the dissolution of red blood corpuscles with liberation of their hemoglobin. Incubated osmotic fragility testing is considered the gold standard in diagnosing the hematologic system in a patient with Coombs-negative spherocytic hemolytic anemia, particularly one of Northern European descent or with a positive family history of undiagnosed anemia. The use of natural products as medicine has increased in all over the world, and popular interest in complementary and alternative medicine in Brazil is also as large as it is in other countries especially with regard to phytotherapy, homeopathy and acupuncture. In this review are show the effects of natural products on osmotic fragility of erythrocytes due to alter the physic-chemical properties of the erythrocyte biomembrane.

Keywords: Biomembrane; Hemolysis; Osmotic fragility; Natural products; Biological effects.

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