IJLST 2017 Volume 10 Issue 9

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Bacteriological quality of broiler chicken meat sold at local market of Kanchanpur district Nepal. Madan Singh Bohara. IJLST (2017), 10(9):79-85




Bacteriological quality of broiler chicken meat sold at local market of Kanchanpur district Nepal

Authors & Affiliation:

Madan Singh Bohara

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology, Far western University Mahendranagar, Nepal



Chicken is an excellent source of good quality protein, but it is highly susceptible to microbial contamination and often implicated in food borne disease. The microbiological quality of chicken at different local markets of Kanchanpur district of Nepal was investigated during the March 2014 to April 2015. This cross sectional study included 45 samples of fresh chicken meat from all five municipalities of Kanchanpur were collected and analyzed for total viable count, indicators and pathogens of meat. The streak plate technique was employed for enumeration and identification bacteria. The mean of total viable count in the chicken of Kanchanpur district ranged from 8.76 Log10cfu/g to Log1011.46cfu/g with mean Log1010.17 ±0.1cfu/g. The mean of TVC in the chicken of Bhim Datta Municipality, Belauri Municipality, Dodhar Chandani Municipality, Jhalari Pipaladi Municipality and Punarbash Municipality were Log10 10.46±0.3cfu/g, Log10 9.97±0.3 cfu/g, Log1010.32±0.2 cfu/g, Log109.53 ±0.2cfu/g and Log1010.45±0.3 cfu/g . A five types indicator and food borne pathogens 18 (40%) of E. coli, 17(38%) of Shigella spp., 17(38%) of Salmonella spp., Citrobactor spp., and 26 (57%) of Staphylococcus aureus were isolated and identified from samples. The retail broiler meat samples from the locations contain over the permissible limit of bacteria suggesting deplorable state of hygienic and sanitary practices. The presence of Salmonella and Staphylococcus aureus organisms over the permissible limits are of special concern because these account for potential food borne intoxication.

Key Words: Bacterial quality; chicken; total viable count; total coliformm, Salmonella spp.