IJLST 2017 Volume 10 Issue 7

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Paramount factors influencing the breeding performance of Lovebird Agapornis pullaria. Egwumah, F. A. and Iboyi, M. O. IJLST (2017), 10(7):69-74




Paramount factors influencing the breeding performance of Lovebird Agapornis pullaria

Authors & Affiliation:

Egwumah, F. A. 1 and Iboyi, M. O. 2

1 Department of Wildlife and Range Management

2 Department of Biological Sciences

Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria

egwumahattah@gmail.com, iboyimark@yahoo.com


This review aims to give an all-inclusive summary of the paramount factors influencing the breeding performance of lovebird Agapornis pullaria using hypothetical and experimental evidence provided in different literature and its influence on nestling success, and survival rate. Breeding performance simply refers to clutch size, hatching success, and nestling quality. However, age, Brood parasitism, clutch size, availability of food, human activities and microclimate influences breeding performance of the said species. Understanding the systems which pivot breeding performance in lovebird is fundamental to conservation. Therefore it becomes imperative for future researchers to examine the role of microclimate on hatchability of lovebirds in the wild as cavity nesting birds and the use of analytical models in determining the breeding performance of wild populations should be incorporated to stimulate better habitat management.

KEYWORDS: Lovebird, clutch size, food, age, microclimate