IJLST 2017 Volume 10 Issue 11

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Candida species and antifungal resistance. Sergiu Fendrihan, Mircea Popa. IJLST (2017), 10(11):93-98




Candida species and antifungal resistance

Authors & Affiliation:

Sergiu Fendrihan*1,2,3,4, Mircea Popa4

1-Western University ֦Vasile Goldiș֞ Arad, Faculty of Medicine str Liviu Rebreanu no 86, Arad, Arad county, Romania

2-Romanian Bioresource Centre Str Aleea Istru nr. 2C sect 6 Bucharest, Romania

3- Res Development Institute for Plant Protection Blvd Ion Ionescu de la Brad no 8, Bucharest Romania

4-University of Medicine and Pharmacy ֦Carol Davila֞ Blvd. Eroii Sanitari 8, Bucharest Romania

Email: mircea.ioan.popa@gmail.com

*Corresponding author: Sergiu Fendrihan University ֦Vasile Goldiș֞ Faculty of Medicine street Liviu Rebreanu no.86,

Tel: 0040 257 259691 Fax: 0040 257 259852 Arad, Arad county, Romania. Mobile 0040720134916 Email: ecologos23@yahoo.com


The emerging of Candida non-albicans species and the emerging of resistant strains to antifungals is an important threat for population and puts serious problems for medical personnel and for responsible from public health authorities. We investigate structure of Candida species from different infections from two hospitals from Bucharest Romania, and we tested them for antifungal resistance. We found C. albicans, C. glabrata, C. krusei, C. parapsilopsis, C. lusitaniae species. From Candida strains we found about 20% to be resistant to antifungals, some of them being multiple antifungals resistant.

Key words: Candida infections, resistance to antifungals, Candida non albicans species